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Phoenix Wellness is a full-service concierge medical facility which specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT ™) an advanced level of BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Metabolic Rejuvenation, and Weight Loss as well as a fully certified staff to help you develop Nutritional Programs.

Phoenix Wellness' physician Dr. Raschid, and clinical staff work to bring todays most innovative and cutting edge functional age management and weight loss medicine to our patients. Our physicians utilize only the highest quality therapies available. All Bio-Identical medications are compounded through special order by our FDA approved compounding pharmacies; and are designed for each individual patient’s needs.

Our physicians practice functional medicine; which is the treatment of the patient as a whole. We do not believe in treating just the symptoms our patients are experiencing, but treating the underlying issues causing the symptoms. If your health "looks good" on paper or "better than most people your age"; but you still do not feel great or feel like yourself our physicians will keep working with you to ensure you are living life to an optimized level!

No matter what your lifestyle, if you are over the age of 30 you have probably started to begin to feel the effects of the aging process. Our physicians use a detailed diagnostic process for each patient; this way they can determine the best way to not just treat your symptoms, but in most cases reverse many of the signs and feelings of "getting older".

Phoenix Wellness wants to help you look your best, feel your best and perform your best; whether that's running around with your family, working long hours or under high pressure, on the golf course or at they gym you should not just be able to achieve your goals but set and achieve new ones!

One of the largest shared goals in our country is weight loss and body improvement. Millions of American's battle with weight loss every day; what most of them don't know is no matter how hard they fight, traditional calories in vs. calories out, and exercise is not enough if they are in a "catabolic state" (meaning their metabolism is not working right; they are burning muscle and storing fat instead of vice versa). To combat a poor metabolism Phoenix Wellness has a variety of programs designed by our physicians, certified nutritional staff and personal training/exercise specialists.

One of the most popular weight loss programs prescribed by our physicians is the hCG protocol. This program has been used since the 1950's and has had amazing results for people around the world, but a lot has changed in 60 years so we have changed things too! If you have looked into the hCG program you have probably read about the dangerous "older" versions that many centers still use, at Phoenix Wellness we will not prescribe that to our patients. We have completely revamped the program adding many nutritional supplements and foods that just were not available 60 years ago.

Get ready to reset your metabolism, lose weight and keep it off with our Specialized hCG Program! Despite its proven successes the old program was surrounded with skepticism by people that did not understand how and why it worked; they believe that just by being on a reduced calorie diet you would lose the same amount of weight as with hCG; this may be true but the difference is what is being lost? With just calorie restriction your body will first attack your muscle which is very dangerous! At Phoenix Wellness our new program is specifically designed to target fat and increase muscle...more muscle means you will burn more calories and this will help you maintain your fat/weight loss. Read our hCG weight loss section to learn more!

Phoenix Wellness understands that life is too short to live without vigor, passion, confidence and an over all feeling of exuberance. Join us on a powerful journey to a fulfilled life with health and happiness!
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Two or More Things Functioning Together to
Produce a Result Not Independently Obtainable.
“After 29 years of marriage and 3 kids in college we thought we had lost our passion for each other. We tried weekend escapes, spending night’s apart and even marriage counseling. What we finally realized is that we were trying so hard because we loved each other and wanted our passion back, what we were really missing was a passion for life not each other. Dr. Raschid has been my OB/GYN for some time; once I shared with him my troubles during my annual visit he suggested we look into Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy…he saved our lives and our marriage! Our libido is back, our energy is high, our moods are more even and my irritability is gone. We are also sleeping better and are more fit and active than ever! I would recommend that everyone over 40 at least get a consultation and learn about the amazing benefits Phoenix Wellness has to offer!” Sarah H. Age 47; Chambersburg, PA
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“I didn't gain the “Freshman Five” I gained the “Freshman Forty”! My freshman year of med school was chaotic all I was doing was studying and eating fast foods. When I went home for winter break to visit my parents I was mortified when I tried to put on some of my old clothes and my parents were shocked by how I looked to say the least. My mom took me to meet with the doctor. I went back to classes on the program, it was so easy, all my meals were simple to make and by the time spring break rolled around I was ready for my annual family cruise and my bathing suits!” Kristine C. Age 26; Rockville, MD
hCG Weight Loss
What is BHOT™?
BHOT™ stands for Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy. Finding the right hormone balance is not just about replacing them. By Synergistically balancing all your hormones to each other we can Optimize
the way you
feel and function!
BHOT ™ for MEN
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The information provided is for educational purposes only; please consult a physician before starting any programs.
Phoenix Wellness has legal rights to use BHOT™. Trademark registration is in application and pending.
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